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Ceramic Coating:

Have you recently purchased a new car or already have one but concerned to sustain its durability? Our ceramic coating services are there for you. 

What Our Ceramic Coating Package Include:

Our ceramic coating package includes the following services:

Decontamination- Clay bar, iron remover:

Driving your cars on road means exposure to dirt pollution and other damaging factors like weather intensities. But you need not to worry as we are here, we do decontamination wash with high-quality chemicals that help to reduce all the unwanted dirt and pollutant on your car.


Foam Wash:

Are you a person who needs to travel frequently due to the work nature? If yes, then you must be needing a frequent cleaning of your car’s exterior to maintain its look. For this purpose, our foam washing services are highly favorable. The foamer we use takes a little amount of soap and covers the entire body of the car with foam in the first go lifting all the dirt off and bringing newness to it.


Paint Enhancement:

We offer paint enhancement in our ceramic coating package that gives your car a glossy look and paint protection to all the painted surfaces. This paint protection enables the car’s body to resist water and therefore saves it from rusting resulting in its increased durability. 


Wheels and Tires- Degrease, Cleaning, and Dressing:

Usually during car detailing wheels and tires are left uncleaned but our ceramic coating package also includes wheels and tires degrease, cleaning, and dressing. Our experts use good quality sprays that help to remove all the tar, dirt, and other unwanted particles from your car’s wheels and tires. Moreover, they also work on their dressing to give them a perfect finish and a new look.


Ceramic Coating:

If you are driving your car at day time it is very clear that your car is facing harmful sun rays along with dirt and pollution. In such a case, our ceramic coating is the best option for you because it gives your vehicle an extra protective layer that prevents UV effects. This way your car remains from the damages caused by these terrific rays.

Areas We Cover:

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Mount Dora

  • Leesburg

  • Lake Mary 


If you are looking for a trustworthy and cost-efficient ceramic coating for your cars reach as at Lavish Lux. Our expert professionals are there for your assistance and will guarantee you the quality of work.​

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