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Mobile Detailing Services:

Are you in search of trustable mobile detailing service? If yes, then you are at the right place. We at Lavish Lux are there with our professionals to retain your automobiles the durability that you desire for them. 

What We Do in Car Detailing:

Our services include: 

Tar Removal:

Tar is a blackish brownish liquid that spoils the look of your car’s wheels and tires giving them an odd look. We use different quality sprays to remove all the tar from your automobile’s tires and wheels giving them a fresh and new look.

Foam Wash:

Foam plays an important part in lifting up dirt and pollution from anything therefore we offer foam wash for your cars. Our best quality foamers cover all your car’s body and drain out all the dirt within minutes without any extra effort giving your car a clean and new look.


Indoor Vacuum:

In our mobile detailing packages, we also deal with interior cleaning because it's important for your physical health. Our professionals carefully deal with the vacuuming of seating and all-over inner body of the vehicle while ensuring the removal of all pollutant particles present. 



In our executive package, we offer waxing of a car that protects its exterior from scratches and saves the paint from dust effects. Moreover, we also have a clay bar system that assists in the cleaning of embedded dirt in your car’s paint because it can’t be removed using a normal car wash.

Areas We Cover

The areas in which we operate are:

  • Lake Mary

  • Leese Mary

  • Mount Dora

The Detailing Packages We offer:

Our Detailing Packages are:

  • Express VIP Package

  • The Executive Package

  • Presidential Package 

  • Elite Package

Each of these packages includes multiple services at reasonable pricing. You can select any of them according to your preference and your vehicles’ requirement.

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