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We are a family owned and operated luxury mobile detailing company that brings the convenience of expert world-class detailing to our client’s driveways - equipped with our own water and electric source. We specialize in interior/exterior detailing, paint correction/enhancement, and premium protective Ceramic Coating – we work on automotive (also off-road toys such as side by sides and ATVs), marine, and aviation. In order to deliver superb quality work and products for our clients we stay up to date with the latest cutting-edge technology and techniques, as well as utilize eco-friendly premium products. We take yearly training and certification courses as well as attend some of the industry’s top trade shows (SEMA, MTE). At Lavish Lux Auto Spa, we focus on cultivating genuine lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that they have full trust in our abilities.


Kevin has always had a passion for cars and boats for as long as he can remember- as a young boy growing up in Trinidad, he took great pride detailing the family vehicles himself.

In those moments Kevin became intrigued by the way he was able to transform a dirty dull vehicle into a high gloss mirror reflection. Even at such a young age Kevin was driven by passion and took great pleasure in his work and developed a meticulous eye for detail.

Kevin made a successful career as a legal analyst - which at times can be very demanding and stressful. He discovered detailing his personal vehicles as well as family and friends’ vehicles very therapeutic – that’s where his passion kicked into overdrive. His wife Jillian naturally loves and supports everything Kevin is passionate about. Together they stayed up late nights researching products, techniques, skills, in addition to attending training and certification classes - together they created Lavish Lux Auto Spa!

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